2. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products can you make?

We have diverse product lines for skincare, base makeup, cosmetics, etc. We are also equipped with facilities to manufacture nail polish and polish removers, including gel nail removers; we have abundant experience in many items. For details, please visit the OEM Department under Business Contents.

What is your minimum number (lot size) for manufacturing?

This depends on various factors such as the packaging materials (containers, boxes, etc.), formula and content amount of the product, but some products can be manufactured in lot sizes as small as 1,000.

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the formula, product specifications and production run, so please contact us to discuss the matter.

How many days until delivery?

The required time for delivery depends on various factors; since we will conduct tests on the safety, stability, etc. of the formula and containers, a rough indication would be three months from the order date after the final decision on the details. For quasi-drugs, an additional period for a drug application to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will be required.

Can we supply packaging materials 
 (containers, outer boxes, etc.) and/or ingredients?

It is possible, but it would first be necessary to investigate issues of compatibility or undertake acceptance testing of ingredients; please consult with us on the details.

 Do prototypes cost anything?

Prototypes are free of charge. Costs may arise under certain conditions, but in such cases, you will be consulted beforehand.

We have no knowledge of cosmetics, and cannot 
explain our requests very well.

We will listen to you very carefully so that we may realize what you have in mind. By listening to your requests and wishes, we will present to you plans for formulas, packaging materials (containers and boxes), etc. In addition, based on our independent marketing research, we will also provide various advice.

Can you do without samples of desired color choices 
for cosmetic products?

We can provide color samples for you.

Where are your plants located?

We have two plants in Japan: Kakegawa Branch in Shizuoka Prefecture, and Nagahama Branch in Shiga Prefecture, which mainly deals with quasi-drugs. We also have our Shanghai Branch in China, which enables overseas material procurement, manufacturing and finishing, including containers. Another possibility is to manufacture in bulk within Japan, then fill and finish at the Shanghai Branch. We also handle import arrangements of these products to Japan.

 We are concerned about sanitation and quality control.

As for sanitation, each plant upholds strict rules for every single person entering certain rooms. As for quality control, we strictly manage various tests from acceptance testing of raw materials and containers to quality testing of bulk manufacturing, and even product testing before shipping.

 Can manufactured products be delivered overseas?

We offer full service from manufacturing to export, including export arrangements for products manufactured within and outside of Japan.