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Business Contents

OEM division

Shaping the passion of our clients. 
Original manufacturer’s superior ability to realize projects.

Fidica is a member of the Pias Group, a group company with nationwide brands that handles contracted manufacturing (OEM). We fully utilize the perspective, experience, information and technology of an original manufacturer in providing a one-stop service from planning to delivery of OEM cosmetic production that meets the needs of our sales company clients. Our clients can rest assured that we will pay close attention to every aspect of the process, including development, PL (Product Liability) and quality. In addition, we not only offer support systems by proposition or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), but also accommodate your cost needs and provide overseas information by utilizing our Shanghai Branch. Together with our sales company clients, we intend to continue delivering true joy to our end users.

Business Flow of Fidica

OEM business involves collaboration between Fidica and our sales company client. We aim to improve our product development by our shared image of the ideal final product.

Step1 Meeting/plan proposal

After hearing various wishes and requests from our client, we add our own advice and proposals. The product image is finalized together with our client.

Step2 Prototype production/evaluation

Confirmation of ingredients, format, texture, etc. Prototypes are created as many times as necessary until our client is happy with all specifications.

Step3 Decision on formula/product specification

After deciding on the formula, preservative-effectiveness tests, safety tests, and other tests are conducted. We also decide on the specifications of containers and packaging here.

Step4  Estimate and ordering

Once the formula, product specifications, etc. have been decided, we present the formal estimate. Then, we conclude the contract and receive the order.

Step5 Quality control

We have in place various control systems such as acceptance testing of raw and other materials, physical property testing of contents, etc.

Step6 Drug application/manufacturing/product inspection

Products are manufactured at each site equipped with production facilities and control systems. The decision to ship is based on the final inspection of contents, filling and packaging.

Step7 Delivery

Products are delivered from the group company logistics site to the designated location.

From basic skincare to quasi-drugs. 
Our extensive production lineup can surely meet your needs.

We at Fidica have production sites within and outside of Japan, and offer an extensive production lineup to accommodate the requests of our clients. We can handle contracted manufacturing of small lots, and we promise detailed support for every product with the eyes and care of an original manufacturer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

Cosmetics 【Skincare products】
Face wash (cream/foam/powder) Cleansing Cream Emulsion Toner
Beauty serum Facial masks
【Makeup products】
Foundation (powder/liquid/cream) Face powder Lipstick Lip cream
Blush (wet/dry) Eye makeup Eyebrow makeup Nail polish Polish remover
Other finishing cosmetic items
Sunscreen and sun-screening cosmetic products
Medicated cream Medicated toner Medicated beauty serum
Medicated emulsion


Business Contents