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Trade division

Within and outside of Japan. Based on abundant and proven experience, 
we provide import/export arrangements under optimum conditions.

Based on our long experience of cosmetics import/export as a member of the Pias Group, we can provide support for the global business of our sales company clients under optimum conditions. We can not only help you export domestic products to Asia, the U.S. and Europe, but also import overseas products to Japan since we have a cosmetics manufacturing and sales license as stipulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. Further, we provide a one-stop service from product planning and production to general trading matters pertaining to import/export for products ordered from our OEM Division.

The Business Flow of Fidica

When exporting overseas, it is important to thoroughly investigate the various regulations and institutions. We have ample experience in import/export to various countries, and we can therefore provide practical advice.

●For exports
Step1 Production of designated product

We produce products designated by you at domestic or overseas production sites under our strict quality control system.

Step2 Export packaging

We package the products carefully to avoid damage, and make arrangements for container loading, etc.

Step3 Creating trade documents

We create on your behalf the cumbersome administrative documents including the invoice, packing list and shipping instructions.

Step4 Arrangements for shipping by sea or air

We decide and arrange the best shipping method according to cost, speed of delivery, etc.

Step5 Export custom clearance

We declare to and receive permission from customs for export through our partner company.

Step6 Insurance arrangements

To protect your products from unforeseen accidents, we purchase marine insurance, etc.

Step7 Shipping

Products are shipped to your designated delivery location.

●For imports

For products manufactured at the Fidica Shanghai Branch, steps 1 to 4 are not necessary.

Step1 Contract with and 
obtaining formulas, etc. 
from the overseas client

Please complete this procedure on your own. However, we will be happy to provide advice on the necessary documents and information regarding formulas, etc.

Step2 Formula investigation

We investigate the ingredients of, and the amount contained in the formula to see if it can be imported to Japan. Import is not possible for some formulas.

Step3 Pharmaceutical procedures

On your behalf we take care of notification procedures as stipulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

Step4 Order placement

You are responsible for placing the product orders with your client.

Step5 Import custom clearance

We declare to and receive permission from customs for import through our partner company.

Step6 Acceptance testing/indication

We conduct acceptance testing at our manufacturing site as permitted by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, and if necessary, we place indications onto products for domestic sales.

Step7 Delivery

We deliver to your designated delivery location.


Business Contents