2. Customer comments

Customer comments

Voice Received very well; sales have increased. Also loved by our staff.

<Cosmetic sales>

In addition to outstanding technology and development ability, they offer great quality and safety control as well as post-sales service for customers, and this is why we are completely confident in this OEM manufacturing arrangement. Another major advantage of Fidica is having a brand of cosmetics for sensitive skin within the group, which means abundant accumulation of knowledge from monitoring tests and high social credibility. The people in charge of sales and development are prompt and sincere every time, which we really appreciate. The finished products are also very satisfactory, resulting in good sales. They are even loved by our own staff!

Ordered items: skincare products, etc.

Voice Rich array of proven products gives us confidence.

<Manufacturing and sales of products related to eye makeup>

The deciding factor in commissioning OEM manufacturing is that the entire Pias Group has a rich array of proven products. We are very happy with the person in charge of sales, who is very lively and quickly provides information for us. The finished products are outstanding, and we are now focusing on increasing repeating customers.

Ordered items: mascara, etc.