2. Our Strengths
  3. Development ability

私達の強み Our Strengths

Development ability

Full utilization of the comprehensive abilities as the original 
manufacturerto bring true happiness to our end-users.

Our abundance of information on ingredients, blend, trends, safety, etc., accumulated through ample experience will be put to extensive use in order to present the optimum answers for the requests from our clients. Important features are not only safety and reliable efficacy, but also comfortable texture and usage as well as how good the product feels upon use. Our product development also focuses on “sensuality,” creating what end-users “want to use every day.”

We can provide you with tried-and-true formulas supported  by many women, and also formulas being newly developed now and in the future.

One of our strengths is that we have many formulas for which safety is already confirmed, and are loved by many end-users. Our customers can select the perfect formula from our ample lineup, or add new ingredients for an original formula. Since we already have basic formulas, and new or improved formulas can be tested for safety and stability in our own facilities, we can offer extremely efficient and speedy production. We can also develop new formulas that match the concept of our client sales companies. There are endless possibilities such as products with high SPF without using ultraviolet absorbing agents or gentle products without preservatives; please do not hesitate to consult us.


Our Strengths