2. Our Strengths
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Our Strengths

Support ability

The one-stop solution for representative import/export service
 and trade procedure support.

If you wish to import overseas products to Japan, or export Japanese products to overseas, you are in good hands. With Fidica, where businesses of OEM and trade cooperate closely with each other, we provide full and consistent service from planning and proposal to development, production, and even import/export. Also, from our long import/export experience in cosmetics as a part of the Pias Group, which boasts worldwide cosmetics trading records in not only China and Southeast Asia but also the U.S. and Europe, Fidica is well-connected with relative industries.

Please let us help you with 
your various global strategies!

Domestic sales of products that are both cost effective and high quality

Domestic sales of overseas brand products

Launch high-quality Japanese products in overseas markets


Our Strengths