2. Our Strengths
  3. Proposal ability

Our Strengths

Proposal ability

Advice based on independent market research.
We also provide the latest overseas information on pharmaceutical affairs.

Pias Group conducts an independent questionnaire survey every year targeting end-users. Kept on record are detailed analysis covering women's types of lifestyle purchases, use of which cosmetics, at what price range and from which stores. There is a structure enabling utilization of this independent marketing information so as to ensure more accurate product planning and development. Also, Pias Group with its own brands is well acquainted with the distribution industry. We also share with our Shanghai site information on domestic and international pharmaceutical affairs. Such information can also be at your disposal.

Nurturing ideas together. You are sure to be satisfied also with our interviewing ability.

We also focus on interviewing to fully understand the true desires of our client sales companies so that we may propose better ideas. For example, in the process of developing intangibles such as shades and hues or subtle differences in texture, even small misalignments in the sensual image cannot be overlooked. At Fidica, we use our abundant color charts and samples amassed as the original manufacturer to share and understand your ideal product image. We strive to create prototypes that are as close to the finished form as possible.


Our Strengths